Renewables development contribution on a global basis (FY2023.3 results)
56 million tons

26 million tons*

C02 emissions across the Daigas Group (FY2023.3 results)

*These numbers are for Daigas Group


70 million tons*

The Daigas Group targets 70 million tons of Co2 emissions

*Cumulative reductions from fiscal 2017 to 2030 (compared with FY2016)


1% e-methane**

The Daigas Group targets 1% e-methane in gas grid to expand e-methane’s practical applications by 2030

**e-methane is a carbon neutral hydrogen carrier synthesize through methanation CO2 captured from emissions

Daigas Group President’s Commitment

Co-creating value for a sustainable future and contributing to the realization of a sustainable society

The Daigas Group aims to become carbon neutral by 2050. We plan to reach the goal through decarbonization of our gas and electricity by introducing methanation* to generate gas with renewable energy and hydrogen and by increasing the share of renewables in its power generation portfolio. We also announced our “Carbon Neutral Vision” in January 2021 to show our efforts to achieve it.
* Technology to generate methane using hydrogen and CO2

Carbon Neutral Vision (January 2021)

Energy Transition 2030

We have formulated Energy Transition 2023 to share with stakeholders for the Daigas Group’s strategy for achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, including:

  1. Overall picture of our transition to low carbon and carbon neutral energy
  2. Our transition initiatives and solutions for a lower carbon society in 2023

Energy Transition 2030 (March 2023)

We will contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our business activities, such as contributing to realizing a low carbon / carbon neutral society, building stable and highly resilient energy infrastructure, and promoting community development that is both environmentally and economically sound.


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Becoming carbon neutral