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It is a little-known fact that, in the very early days of Daigas Group (early 20th century), Edison Company,  a United States company, was a major shareholder with a 50% stake in the group.  And now, more than 100 years later, Daigas Group’s capital is making a return trip to the United States through new major investments in the energy sector. 

We are a socially responsible energy player and have been in the United States since 2004, and through our long journey and effort, we have grown into a proactive business developer in several business areas from a passive investor.

We have also established a working environment to bring out our talent’s professional experiences and knowledge, to shape our ideas, and achieve our goals.
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We are strongly focused on developing our energy business in the United States as one of the driving engine for the growth of Daigas Group and one of the most vital sections of our group.

It is time to bring our motivations and great ideas together into a successful business in the US energy sector where it is full of opportunity. There is a huge open field for us to further grow.

I hope that you will find us as a valuable and trusted business partner, and an exciting place to work and grow.

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Sunao Okamoto
President and CEO



Our historical roots date back to 1897 in the merchant city of Osaka, Japan, where the initial headquarters for Osaka Gas Co. Ltd. was built. Osaka was considered an incredibly energetic and buoyant city where innovation had the potential to shine. Through this pragmatic and pioneering spirit, our company was founded and has continued to thrive into the 21st century.

Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. is currently one of the large-scale utility companies in Japan, and continuously trying to go beyond our borders. Now the group is called “Daigas Group” with Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. as an ultimate parent company, with its subsidiaries in various business areas and locations inside Japan and globally.

Osaka Gas USA Corporation (OGUSA) is one of the core subsidiary companies within Daigas Group’s international business sector, along with our colleagues in Singapore, Australia, the UK, and other various locations around the globe. We were formed under Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. in 2014 to create and enhance value for all stakeholders, through energy asset development and supply in North America.

We currently have 3 office locations in Houston, New York, and Silicon Valley, and consists of talents with diverse backgrounds. Operating an emerging business in the US energy sector, we value creating our own culture that respects diversity and historical Japanese roots. We understand the importance of collaboration and respect to create a unique and positive work environment for essential components of a successful workplace.



With energy investments stretching across North America, we’re proud to have a team of dedicated professionals from all over the world. As we continue to expand our portfolio, we’re always looking for potential candidates for our positions within our main offices and project facilities. Learn more by taking a look at our current list of career opportunities.