What We Do


Investing in the Future

We develop, own, and operate energy infrastructure to contribute to the stable and sustainable energy supply in the US and globally. Moreover, by boosting renewable and future energy development and innovation, we aim to be a responsible and reliable energy player in the upcoming low-carbon society.

We plan to do this by:

  • Advancing our involvement in the shale gas development business
  • Implementing solutions that can adapt to the Energy Transition–from Hydrocarbon-centered to Green/Renewable energy
  • Enhancing our capability of asset management in the IPP business
  • Partnering with renewable energy development businesses across various markets
  • Increasing business authority functions of Osaka Gas USA as an overseas regional headquarters
  • Expand from a passive investor’s position to a business operator in the U.S.

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Our Business Overview


  • Development, Exploitation and Exploration of natural gas properties
  • Natural gas weighted acquisitions, Midstream, Marketing


  • Liquefaction tolling service by operating liquefaction plant
  • Gas & power procurement and scheduling LNG vessels for liquefaction tolling operation

Gas Fired Power

  • Investment in gas-fired IPP assets
  • Asset management, Plant operation & maintenance, Finance, Cash management, Accounting/Tax


  • Development and acquisition of renewable assets
  • Asset management, Finance, Cash management, Accounting/Tax

Future Energy Development/Innovation

  • Investment in start-ups for Carbon Neutral technologies
  • Internal and external networking, startups, and cutting-edge technologies exploration

Our History

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