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Osaka Gas USA is a top leader in the global and national energy supply market. It is our goal to develop relationships and build businesses to ensure sustainability for future generations. Our success is attributed to a team of highly professional, strategic, and uniquely diverse workforce committed to working collaboratively while positioning Osaka Gas USA as an employer of choice.

Are you looking for an employer that helps maximize your individual potential while supporting your professional development? We encourage you to consider joining our team while we shape the vision of the world to come.



Karl Correa

Careers karl

I choose Osaka Gas USA (OGUSA) because of its reputation as a leading provider of natural gas and energy solutions, as well as its commitment to sustainability and innovation. I was attracted to the Company’s focus on dedication to creating a positive work environment for its employees. Regarding professional and personal growth, I felt that OGUSA would be the best place to further my career. Additionally, meeting with my managers, solidified my confidence in that I will be working with the best subject matter experts in the industry.

The OGUSA mission statement, “Enriching Lives Through Energy,” represents a commitment to delivering high-quality natural gas and energy solutions that improve the lives of individuals and communities. To me, this mission statement is not just a set of words but a guiding principle that motivates the company and its employees to strive for excellence and make a positive impact on the world.

OGUSA’s leadership and management structure prioritizes collaboration, teamwork, and communication. The company values the contributions of its employees and encourages them to work together to achieve common goals. The leadership team is also committed to promoting a culture of continuous learning and improvement, which helps employees to develop their skills and grow in their roles.

The company values diversity and inclusion, which helps to create an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their unique perspectives and ideas. I have enjoyed my short time at OGUSA because my manager and the rest have encouraged and helped me apply all my strengths to this role.

Karl Correa

Senior Manager, Energy Management

Ms. Nithya Raghunathan

My motivation for looking for a new job after 15 years at the same company was because I wanted to find a place that would allow me to contribute and grow both personally and professionally. I was immediately attracted by the opportunity at OGUSA when I read the job description and learned about the company. They are relatively new to the US energy space and offer a lot of opportunities for me to contribute to their growth. I did not want to miss this opportunity!

The onboarding process was smooth and seamless. The HR team were very approachable and ensured that all my questions were answered. The benefits package is competitive and I love the health insurance! The hybrid work schedule was the “icing on the cake.” I have been very pleased to hear from other employees about the dynamic recognition and reward culture.

OGUSA lives by its corporate vision and core values of “sustainable energy development” and finding “innovative ways to move forward.” The fact that , OGUSA established a strong footprint in a foreign country that is thriving is a testament to their “Adaptability” and “Tenacity”.

My ideas are appreciated and encouraged by my supervisor and VP and they make themselves available to support me. My SVP is very friendly and approachable. They helped me settle into my position and I feel like a valued member of the team.

I believe I made the best choice when I joined OGUSA and am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this incredible team.

Nithya Raghunathan

Manager, Credit and Contracts, Commodity Services

Evan Korngold

I was attracted to OGUSA because it has a very strong and diverse asset portfolio and is constantly seeking new and innovative opportunities. With a relatively small workforce it has achieved amazing success in the USA, but rather than slow down OGUSA continues to pursue new opportunities, I wanted to be a part of a growing organization that was focused on energy stability and innovation.

Many companies have mission statements, but OGUSA embraces its mission statement to help employees succeed and achieve strong financial results. The company shows tremendous commitment to its projects, partners, employees, and the communities where it does business and therefore creates a great working environment and a company that I am proud to work for.

The work culture is one of respect, collaboration, and achievement. All employees are respected and appreciated. Rather than have a top-down approach, OGUSA helps their employees by encouraging and supporting them. While OGUSA has a Japanese parent company, the headquarters is supportive of a successful local hiring program, and their success is heavily vested in local staff having meaningful leadership roles.

My supervisor prioritizes my health and wellbeing. I feel comfortable knowing that if I need to take care of a family or health matter, I will have the support and flexibility I need. My supervisor also gives me opportunities to take the lead on projects but remains available for support. My supervisor is a helpful resource for understanding important considerations of our Japanese headquarters and understanding how key decisions are made.

Evan Korngold

Senior Corporate Counsel, Legal and Compliance Office

Joe Gandolfo

Joe G headshot rev 1

Every day I get to collaborate with the most diligent and diverse minds I’ve ever encountered, here at OGUSA. We take a measured and long-term view of every investment we make and value the relationships with our partners and each other as sacrosanct. This really is a place where you can start and build a career.

The training and ability for professional growth is immense. From learning every intricate detail of an acquisition process to pursuing certificates in accounting and finance, you will always find ways to advance. I especially appreciate the level of transparency across business units in the NY office. Our group in business development is always communicating with the asset management, energy management, risk management, and plant operations groups. We also benefit from having a deep bench of talent from our support staff in legal, accounting, tax, and audit.

OGUSA operates with a flat organizational structure, which functionally means the entire Osaka Gas USA and Daigas Group is in some way at your disposal. Though the NY office’s focus is conventional and renewable power, we benefit from OGUSA’s broader exposure and expertise in upstream and gas, LNG, and the exploration of green fuels.

If you are curious, earnest, and have a tenacious spirit, there is no limit to your success at OGUSA!

Joe Gandolfo

Manager, Renewables & Grid Solutions
-Osaka Gas USA participates in the U.S. Government’s E-Verify Program.  Please read the E-Verify Notice in English/Spanish and the Right to Work Notice in English or Spanish before proceeding with your job application.

-California residents, please read the OGUSA CCPA/CPRA notice.

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