Osaka Gas USA Corporation (“OGUSA”), a subsidiary of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd., has entered into a joint venture with Summit Ridge Energy, LLC (“SRE”), a US based distributed solar power developer, to construct, own and operate more than 50 megawatts (MW) of distributed solar power projects throughout the state of Illinois. The projects will provide low cost clean energy to local residential and commercial customers through the state’s community solar program.

OGUSA has been participating in distributed solar power generation projects in Maine through a joint venture with SRE since 2021*. This marks the second collaboration with SRE following this project. We will continue to contribute to the realization of a carbon neutral society by promoting the spread and expansion of renewable energy.

“OGUSA is pleased to continue our transformational partnership with SRE into the state of Illinois. We’re eager to pursue new markets through our longstanding relationship, and further decarbonize the US power grid together,” said Sunao Okamoto, President & CEO of OGUSA.

“We’re thrilled to expand our relationship with OGUSA. Our continued partnership will allow more households and businesses to benefit from clean energy savings, create additional jobs across the state and generate meaningful tax revenue to numerous local economies,” said Steve Raeder, CEO of SRE.

About Summit Ridge
Launched in 2017, Summit Ridge is the nation’s leading owner-operator of community solar assets. Through dedicated funding platforms, the team develops, acquires, and finances projects within the rapidly growing solar energy and battery storage sectors. By the end of 2023, Summit Ridge expects to have more than 500 MW of solar and 100 MWh of battery storage projects online providing energy savings to approximately 175,000 residential and commercial customers. Learn more at

OGUSA has established its three core businesses of the LNG liquefaction and export, shale gas development, and power generation so far. OGUSA strives to contribute to achieving a low carbon/carbon neutral society by developing renewables and methanation (the technology to produce synthetic methane from Hydrogen and CO2) as well as natural gas related business.

About the Daigas Group
The Daigas Group aims to become carbon neutral by 2050. The Daigas Group set the following targets for 2030 as the milestones for the Group’s contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions throughout society.

  1. 5GW of renewables development contribution** on a global basis
  2. Nearly 50% of the Group’s power portfolio in Japan consisting of renewables
  3. 10 million tons/year of CO2 emissions reduction contribution

* Announced in an article, “Osaka Gas USA to Participate in Distributed Solar Power Projects in Maine, US” dated June 28, 2021

** Through its own capacity development and ownership as well as power procured from other companies.