Osaka Gas USA Corporation (“OGUSA”) is pleased to announce that CPV Three Rivers Energy Center, in which OGUSA owns a 15% equity interest, achieved full commercial operation.

“OGUSA is very happy that the Three River’s project has achieved the COD milestone. OGUSA appreciates the efforts that the CPV management, back-office and on-site construction teams have put in to get this project through construction challenges to commercial operations. We are fortunate to be partnered with an organization that is as committed to professionalism, safety, fiscal responsibility, regulatory compliance, and environmental stewardship as Osaka Gas is,” said Sunao Okamoto, President & CEO of OGUSA.

Located in Illinois, CPV Three Rivers Energy Center is a combined-cycle gas fired power plant, having an installed capacity of 1,250MW. The electricity generated will power homes and businesses in the PJM area.

OGUSA has established its three core businesses of the LNG liquefaction and export, shale gas development, and power generation so far. OGUSA is committed to contribute to achieving a low carbon/carbon neutral society by promoting natural gas as a form of “transitional energy”, renewable energy, battery storage technology, and e-methane (the technology to produce synthetic methane from Hydrogen and CO2) in line with its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

About the Daigas Group
The Daigas Group aims to become carbon neutral by 2050. The Daigas Group set the following targets for 2030 as the milestones for the Group’s contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions throughout society.
1. 5GW of renewables development contribution on a global basis
2. Nearly 50% of the Group’s power portfolio in Japan consisting of renewables
3. 10 million tons/year of CO2 emissions reduction contribution