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At OGUSA we foster relationships with customers, partners, suppliers, employees, and communities in which we operate by conducting Daigas Group’s business with safety and integrity.  Daigas Group’s prime objective is to create value for Daigas Group’s stakeholders and society by adhering to the following core principles:

Safety & Well-Being – Daigas Group’s Environmental, Health, & Safety (EHS) policy as embedded in the Daigas Group Code of Conduct is to provide a safe and injury-free environment that encourages physical and mental wellness for every employee at OGUSA.  We expect the same level of care in the businesses in which we invest.

Customer & Partner Focus – OGUSA is a relationship driven organization where we seek to avoid conflict and enhance the satisfaction and privacy of Daigas Group’s stakeholders.  We seek to work with like-minded partners that share Daigas Group’s ESG philosophy.   

Accountability – Acting with integrity is of paramount importance to OGUSA.  We are thorough in the selection of OGUSA’s employees, partners and suppliers, and scrupulous in OGUSA’s business dealings.  We expect OGUSA’s consultants, agents, and anyone else acting on OGUSA’s behalf meet these same high standards.

Community Relations – Recognizing that the success for Daigas Group’s business activities is predicated on community support, we strive to establish and maintain strong relationships within the local communities in which we operate.  We accomplish this by working with communities to find environmentally responsible solutions, as well as through volunteerism and charitable donations which are an important element of Daigas Group’s community service.

Diversity & Inclusion – Diversity and equal opportunity in employment is not just the law but a strength of Daigas Group’s workforce.  With different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, employees expand Daigas Group’s knowledge base and enhance Daigas Group’s abilities.

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