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OGUSA invests in energy infrastructure assets and businesses across North America, ensuring the highest level of standards regarding safety, health, and environmental sustainability.  We recognize the need to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of Daigas Group’s industry and its economy across the globe by using and offering environmentally friendly natural gas to realize a low-carbon or carbon-free future.  We also acknowledge the promotion of renewable energy in our power business as key components for reduction of the greenhouse gas.

OGUSA’s Views to Protect the Environment:

  1. Support natural gas production based on the highest industry standards to eliminate the use of coal, diesel, and heavy fuel oil, providing ways to emissions-free energy.

  2. Commit to further expanding our natural gas business, which is noted for its low CO2 emissions through liquefaction tolling business and shale gas development business.

  3. Supply electricity with a carbon footprint well below other forms of fossil fuel generation through our natural gas power plants.  With a long-term plan to expand the representation of renewable facilities within Daigas Group’s portfolio, beyond the initial solar investments of the past few years, OGUSA’s plants will continue to support the States’ renewable goals.

  4. Promote efficient use of energy resources and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the entire range of our business activities and value chain.

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