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The prime objective of a business is to create values for its stakeholders, namely customers, shareholders, employees and society as a whole.  We view the creation of value for society as Daigas Group’s “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) and along with each company of the Daigas Group, recognize that compliance is a cornerstone of a CSR program.

Implementing measures envisioned under the Long-Term Management Vision 2030 OGUSA will ensure transparency, fairness and boldness in decision making, and execute its assigned business duties efficiently and adequately, based on the 
Daigas Group CSR Charter, a set of guiding principles for employees, and specific standards for actions—the Daigas Group Code of Conduct, and the Daigas Group Environmental Activities Policy.

Management based on global standards that accommodate the environment, society, and governance, will allow OGUSA to continue to improve and strengthen its corporate governance and further enhance the CSR standards of the Daigas Group by working to maintain and improve the trust of stakeholders through dialogue and cooperation.

The following principles comprise the Daigas Group Code of Conduct:


1.Respect for human rights

2.Creating pleasant work environment

3.Compliance with laws and regulations

4.Personal and professional lives

5.Respect for international rules and regulations

6.Considerations to the environment

7.Compliance with anti-monopoly laws and practice of fair transaction

8.Provision of products and services

9.Ensuring safety of products and services

10.Interacting with customers

1 1.Contribution to society

12.Associating with business partners

13.Developing Daigas Group’s partners' understanding on Code Of Conduct

14.Use of information and information systems

15.Disclosure of information

16.Management of intellectual property

17.Prohibiting association with anti-social forces

18.Appropriate payment of taxes and accounting practices

Daigas Group Procurement Policy for Suppliers
OGUSA, as a member of the Daigas Group, hopes to work together with our suppliers, vendors, contractors and others with whom we conduct business (collectively referred to as “Suppliers”) to contribute to creating a sustainable society while building and developing a relationship of mutual trust with Suppliers. We are committed to following the Daigas Group Procurement Policy, and we expect Suppliers to adhere to the principles of this Daigas Group Procurement Policy.

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